Oct 28, 2007

Can't be luke warm

Life is suddenly so different when there is a new addition to the family and I have been doubly blessed. I had just one thing to fervently and passionately pray about earlier, but now with my little cuties I have 2 more things added to my prayer list to pray about.

When I was a little girl I used to often spend my time at my mom's parent's home. In those days they had this coal fired little stove like thing. Every time the fire was about to fade away as the coal burnt off, my grandma would add more to the existing flaming coals left in the stove and the hot flame continued to glow little longer. I feel my life turning out to be that way...and strangely I am glad to be inside the flame(well sort of).

There are many things/people/places/lifestyle I would have loved to 'covet' and I even could have, but then I am so grateful to God for the one I have now, the ones I have been blessed with around me...they may not be what I would have wanted for myself...but they sure are what I needed, I am glad God added them to my life else I am sure I would have been a luke warm christian continuing in the daily assortment of busy churchy stuff with no personal ember glowing, but now with all these new coals I cannot afford to be luke warm....I just cannot, they are too precious to be put at stake. So as God has added these more new coals(not burning ones) I've got to heat up lil extra to get them to glow too.

There are times when you've been glowing for the Lord for a long time and you might be at the end of your passion. Its the time when things seem lull, dull and a monotonous routine, even if it be the church activities. We might be having a lot of fun, laughs and enjoyment in the company, but then we can get cosy and just glow the regular amount of glow we're used to. But when God wants us to glow a little more brighter, He adds a few more new coals into our lives so that we may glow a little more than warm....we glow HOT in order that we may pass on the flame to the new coal. He doesn't add a whole heap of new coals suddenly that the fire itself dies down, but just the right amount that will make the flame go on a little longer and a little longer...

Also if the coal itself is not red/yellow hot there is no way it can transfer the flame (notice its not the warmth transfer its a heat/flame transfer) to another coal, not a warm coal, but ONLY the red hot glowing coal can transfer the flame.

2 Timothy 1:6"For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands"

May my Living and Loving Saviour Lord Jesus bless you even as you fan into flame your passion for the new coals being added to your life. They're there to make you shine brighter, not to put you off.


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