Apr 7, 2011

Coming Back To It

Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow!

It is wonderful when God reminds us gently that, even though we asked and forgot, He still remembered our request. I had made a prayer request for my husband 2 years ago and now things are stirring in our lives. Good things of course. While talking to my mom on a closure of this new work stuff in our lives, the Holy Spirit began reminding me of a request I had made nearly 2 years back and had not re-asked that request ever. That prayer is answered.

How wonderful and awesome it is to know that we have a Living God, who has not forgotten us and our prayers, even when we have made the request to Him, but only once! He has taken my request seriously and worked on it, on my behalf. This gives me a reason to believe and treasure the unchanging fact that Jesus Loves Me, He hears my prayers and He answers them in His time. This gives me the hope and unwavering assurance, that the prayers I pray now for the salvation of my loved ones is also in queue to be answered soon!

Thank you dear Lord Jesus!

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