Dec 29, 2008

Happy Christmas & Glorious New Year 2009

Wishing you a very wonderful Christmas and a glorious New Year 2009

Love Always

Godzhearts, My twins and hubby

Nov 25, 2008

Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me

Everything I needed You have provided

Through untrodden paths, you have carefully guided.

Thank You Lord for Your blessings on me.

Nov 6, 2008


Change- A small word, but holds big meaning.

I am afraid of change when it comes when I'm not ready and more than glad when it comes when I am aching for it.

Change brings with it, something you are not familiar with or everything you are not familiar with. Now the latter could be very scary. Unknown situations make us that way- scared of the unknown outcomes.

You know what, we may not know all that a change brings, but we know One who never changes and thank God for that. He Never Changes, this makes life comfortable and easy, knowing no matter what else changes on the outside, there is my God above it all, Who knows the end from the beginning.

Lets accept the changes, for we know who allows it for His good and perfect purpose.

Oct 31, 2008

The Reason Behind Blogging

I started blogging in January 2006 with my first blog "Lessons from Life", where I wrote my studies from the Word of God. Then one day I decided to share something from my own life and started this blog "Victorious Woman".

Today I was going through posts from my first blog in 2006 and I saw how God has worked in my life in the last 2 years, changing me from the inside out to the kind of woman He wants me to be.

I write this post so I will remember/renew my aim to blog. If I wrote a journal or Bible study in a book, I know it would be lost somewhere and no one would be blessed. I had decided to write my journey with God on a media such as this because

  1. I wanted to share and be a blessing.
  2. To get God's Word out
  3. Most importantly, to get back at the devil: for as long as he has, even his tiny finger on my life and people connected to me, I will keep sharing the Word of God and damaging his kingdom.

Dear Lord, I thank You so much for having worked in my life so beautifully. For changing my seasons and making them lovely. Thank you, for being MY GOD and MY SAVIOUR. Thank you for having blessed me with such wonderful wonderful precious surprises every time I thought this is, we've maxed out. You increased my boundaries. You increased me. You empowered me more than before. Thank you Lord for everything You have done an are doing. Thanks for making me part of Your team and letting me share in victory. Amen.

Come Lord Jesus, lets do some damage to our enemy.

Oct 23, 2008

Gone Fishing!

Today as I was surfing through the internet, looking for Christian Web designs, I stumbled upon a website where they had made something called a 'button' for 'Gone Fishing'.

If someone was taking a day off from blogging they could post that button instead of writing a post. However that is not the idea, that came to my mind.

I got to thinking of what our Lord Jesus had said about fishing. "Matthew 4:19"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." I wondered why would the Lord compare winning souls for His kingdom to fishing? When I pondered more on the topic, I found it absolutely revolutionary why God would compare them so.

  1. Patience-Fishing is one sport that requires a lot of patience, unless you have fishes voluntarily coming over to the bait.We've got to let the bait/net in the water and wait, for what may seem like forever.
  2. Not forceful-Once we've let the net down, we don't go pushing the fish around or coaxing it to get into the net. We wait. Sometimes without moving a muscle so the fish casually swims in.Fishes are pretty slippery creatures
  3. Live bait-I don't think its easy to catch a fish with dead bait.We've got to have the best chances to catch them and the only way we can do that is with a live bait. Living Word of God. If the Word of God in our lives is under the thorn and thicket, we'll never get it out. It'll never attract anyone.
  4. Meet the fish where its at-Right, so we've got to go where the fish is. Surely we'd be hard pressed to find live fish on land!!!
  5. Try try again-Peter didn't catch fish on one side and Jesus didn't want him to give up. He asked him to try another side. Sometimes we may not be able to catch fish, we've just got to throw the net/line in again. For some smart fishies you might have to throw the net many a times, till you can haul them all in.

So this is what the Lord put in my heart today. Hope you were blessed.

Go Fish!

Oct 22, 2008


Hello world!!

I have a new look now..and am amazed that this design came to my mind...just like the stories for faithwriters do...

I thank God for blessing me with inspirations, ideas, intellect, innovation and skills to be able to accomplish this and "google" and a sea of talented people putting stuff online for free...I think im going to hang on to this look for a loooong time....

Also, I am grateful to my friend geordee for his incredible talent in making anything perfect to the 't'...where I could have settled for anything.

PS:When I've mastered this skill for designing pretty blogs for the Lord...I will surely put some up for sharing too....(lets see how that'll work out with the current business I am in).

Oct 3, 2008


My babies are learning to speak their first words. Sometimes they just cry and then I've got to figure out what their saying or feeling. Are they sad, hurt, hungry or sleepy? Boy am I desperately waiting for the time when they can come talk to me in words we both can understand. Have meaningful mom-daughter talks....(sigh)...the way I enjoy talking to my mom for hours.

They're learning and its such a great joy to hear them speak "mama", "dadada", "tata","bayee"(for bye)....and then they just cry for most everything else....(phew)..
This got me to thinking...our Father in heaven (who also loves to compare Himself to a mom) has a language too. The language of His Spirit. Oh it would be so glorious the amount of chatting we can do when we speak the same language and one understands the other exactly the way the other thinks/feels. I am waiting for my babies to speak our language so we can communicate and have lots of fun. I cannot understand their babble fully, would love to but I dont speak babble. The way it can work is they learn my language. So I can teach them many new things, play with them even more and enjoy our company. See how they react when they listen to me, understand what Im saying and feel what Im feeling...
Wouldnt that be the glorious day

I believe our Heavenly Daddy (also mom) waits to talk to we can understand Him, His love for us, His plans for us. If only we'd learn to speak the language of His Spirit.

God Bless..

Sep 24, 2008

It was Happy Birthday time!!!

Busy busy all I can say about me. Just busy being a mom, I didn't know it would take up so much of my time(phew).

Guess what my lil itty bitty twins are not itty bitty any more..they turned 1 year old on 12th Sep...and then Ive been running around them ever since.

Here's how we look now....

Sep 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

THE most awesomest person ever in my life is my dad who celebrated his 62nd birthday today.

He's sooooooooooooo funny, so witty, so wonderful, so loving, so caring, so strong(my daddy strongest), so energetic, so lively, awesome awesome awesome. I have not met another person like him. If he knows your language he'll make you laugh....I get a lot of good traits from him...(I love making people laugh too-not as good as he's though...he's my daddy-o after all).
The most wonderful and most most precious thing I've see in my dad is his faith and passion for the lost. He feels queasy if he's not doing something for the Lord. ANything, cooking, singing, reading, visiting sick people, praying....playing anything.
When my mom and dad were in US at the time my little ones came, oh my I was sooooooooo blessed. I sometimes wish if I were a son I would never leave home, like daughters have to when they get married, but that I would stay near him forever.
"I love you daddy, you're the bestest dad in the whole world, one could ever have. May you live long and be a blessing to many more."

Aug 6, 2008

The Way Bridge

Well, I had this piece ready but they(Faithwriters) got 200 entries before I could put this up on their website. So here's a little piece of my writing for you

“Are you sure you’re ready?, ” asked Billy my chief. He had mentored me for this mission and today I was ready to go on my own.
“I’m sure,” I said confidently as I picked up the knapsack assigned to me.
“Do you remember the mission codes?”
“Yes, Sir. I should not turn to the right nor to the left. I should not pay attention to the enemy‘s distractions. I should never take off my armor and if in doubt I shouldn’t hesitate to call on the Lord of the bridge.” I chanted.
“Well then, may the Lord guide you and keep you.”
Here I stood, staring at this long narrow wooden bridge spanning the deepest canyon known to mankind. The only way to the other side, “The Way Bridge”. My only sorrow was for my family I was leaving behind. I had urged them several times to join the army and come with me, but they weren’t convinced. They didn’t want to be convinced. The pleasures of civilian life were much too fascinating for them, no matter how reckless and frivolous it was.
I wondered why they’d put a door to enter the bridge, as I stepped in. On the other side of it was transformation; of mind, soul and body. Wow, my new armor. I saw many others walking on the bridge towards the light at the end. Each one walked at a different pace, some singing, some quietly, some chanting prayers.
“Hey, christian!” someone called .
I looked about me to find a white bearded old man beckon me. Me, I gestured.
“Yes you.”
“Sir, I’m not Christian, my name is Andrew.” I corrected him as I walked toward him.
“Of course you’re Andrew and you are a christian. Now that you’ve decided to follow Jesus.” He gestured to continue walking the bridge, as he walked with me.
“You’re a newborn christian. There are different types of Christians - the newborn, the young, the old, the martyr and not to mention the backsliding and the fallen too”, he said.
“You mean there are people who’ve fallen out of the bridge! ”,I gulped.
“There have been many cases, especially when they get carried away by the enemy’s distractions and they’re no longer looking where they’re going. You see, the bridge is very narrow and you’ve got to watch your step”
I then scanned the bridge carefully, an old but strong wooden structure, held together with nails, some of which had blood stains. It must be from the workers who built it, I concluded to myself.
“Nope, just one Worker.”
“Whoa!, you can read my thoughts?”, I was terrified and moved a few paces back.
“Oh, don’t be afraid. I am here to help you, till you get to the other side. Didn’t somebody brief you about me?”
“Well, I do remember Billy mentioning a Comforter, Counselor, Teacher, a Guide who would help me in this mission but you did scare me with that mind-reading of yours”
“Yes, that’s me, H. S Power.” he laughed as he extended his hand in greeting and I took it. Bam!! Electricity like excitement went through my body and I felt empowered. The rest of the way we walked together and I learnt a lot of lessons on prayer, worship, understanding my Bible and more.
A few years passed by and I grew quite accustomed to Mr. Power and didn’t quite appreciate him being around all the time. Then it happened- I heard sounds; sounds of merriment, music and fun. Oh, I hadn’t had fun for a long time. I looked over the bridge and before I could guess who threw the party, I was overboard whizzing through the air. I heard growling and ravenous laughter while burning arms tried to snatch me from the fall.
“Help me Jesus!!!” my voice echoed through the endless canyon and “plop” I landed on soft ground.
Soon I was being taken back through the air, upward, as my heart lifted prayers of apology and found myself back on the bridge. Mr. Power was waiting for me. I felt so ashamed for my rudeness in spite of his gentleness.
He took my hand . I was renewed. Hereon I was not going to leave Mr. Power’s side and we walked on. As I looked up, I caught a glimpse of the “everlasting arms” that saved me from the fall. My heart worshipped gratefully as I continued my journey on The Way Bridge.

Aug 4, 2008

More Or Less

“Oh I’m just brilliant”, so I thought
My spiritual state I counted naught
Everyone loved my company
I had less of You and more of me

My mouth spoke nonsense people loved
My soul accepted anything the world shoved
Everyone loved my stupidity
I had less of You and more of me

My hands committed sins abhorred
My feet went places satan adored
Satan loved my sincerity
I had less of You and more of me

My eyes showed haughty countenance
I walked with sheer arrogance
I am the best, who else could be
I had less of You and more of me

There came a God-Man into my night
He touched my heart and showed me the light
Quite instantly my eyes could see
I needed more of Him and less of me

My mouth slowly harnessed its stream
My soul shut doors to things unclean
Everyone loved my serenity
I had more of You and less of me

Slowly my passions turned heavenward
Every time I obeyed His precious Word
My heart grew warm with that Holy being
I know it was You and not of me

Oh I pray this experience never ends
Help me Oh Lord to keep Your trend
I want to shine bright for Your glory
Till there’s more of You and none of me

-----This was my entry at

Aug 1, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider made my day

We recently bought a nursery rhymes DVD for our twins. They love the DVD a lot. My little ones love the song and cartoons in the rhyme "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and they get soooo excited, they jump on their knees, they smile BIIIIG at the spider(who winks back at them) and then say "oooo ooooo" excitedly when they see the sun make an "oooo" face and drying up all the rain so that Itsy Bitsy Spider can climb the spout again. Its so fun to watch their expressions when the song plays.

I wondered why they love it, then I thought maybe God's sending me a clue. The rain may come in like a downpour through the spout and wash the spider out, but the sun comes out and dries up all the rain. No matter how heavy the downpour of negative situations you are facing, the Son will shine and dry up all the rain, so that Itsy Bitsy you and me can climb back up again..yeay!!!

God Bless y'all

Jul 15, 2008


You know why I haven't been posting? Well, my in-laws are in town, so we are taking them places around Minnesota. The last 3 months we've made plenty trips for a year I guess. To wisconsin dells, to South Dakota Mt Rushmore and now we're off to see the mighty Niagara...

We'll be back by sunday, but then we might go some place. I'll be back to posting after my in-laws have left USA by the end of this month...then you won't be able to escape from a shower of posts from me....hehehe :)

Love u all
Do keep us in your prayers everyday especially for the salvation of my in-laws..

Jul 11, 2008

Exchange Policy

I don't know how He does it, how He knows..He is Lord.

Well, I have now thought/pondered/decided to give up blogging/writing umpteen times, yet everytime I think this will be the last post and then I shall delete all and carry on with whatever else I am doing in life....He does not let me keep the pen down. Recently one of my friends shared a post from my blog with our friends, well that encouraged me to not stop writing, somebody somewhere is getting blessed. So here I go again. I share with you some of His precious words that keep egging me on.

Psalm 113
"7 He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;"

We all go through trial every now and then in some format or the other, some with finances, some with sickness, some with difficult people, some spiritually, some with addictions. I am in one too. Last week I shared my testimony with my mom-in-law, I don't know how she took it, but I saw tears in her eyes.[we both(she and me) pretend to be stoic about lots of stuff especially our faith, but we are such emotional people]I wondered can God still use a person like me, so dirty, so filthy???

When you read the above verse from Psalms, you will see that the poor or the needy is taken out from the ash heap, meaning, that person was in the midst of fire and was not burned up. After the fire there remains ashes and the fact that God takes them out of those ashes is so that the person does not remain with the burnt remains anymore, that they should not be seen with those ashes any more.

You know I have a lot of faults, uncountable, and while I am in this fire, all the unwanted in me is getting burnt, reducing to ashes. Another property of this kind of purification is that, the impurity leaves the element being purified in fire, and turns into such a substance that cannot re-stick itself to the element, as long as the element is taken out of the remains. Thats what God does with His people, He purifies them in such a manner that when we are through the fire, the ashes are left behind and we are taken out unscathed ourselves, but the impurities in us reduce to ashes. Then guess what we are not left with missing impurities but God adds to us His purities and gives us beauty for ashes for as much ash that has come off of us.

Lets take up this exchange policy with this unwaivering faith, for we know who our craftsman is and He makes no mistakes and nothing happening in our life is a surprise to Him. My Lord Jesus.

Jun 24, 2008

Another Year of Adventure

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Another year to my life,
another birthday I see,
My dearest loving Lord
for you have sustained me

Many victories I've won,
Many battles I face
In these perilous times,
At this temporary base.

Every time I almost gave up
You encouraged me on
Through Your precious words
I am still going strong

Every time I was lonely,
You comforted me
Your Precious Holy Spirit
Is the best gift I've received

I know there are times
When I walk astray
Even in those times
You never send me away

I thank you dear Lord
For your amazing grace
Because of You Lord
I still run this race

I am oh so grateful
For your abundant mercy
For the sins I've committed
You have pardoned me, eternally

Now I see my future
So wonderful and bright
For Your plans for me are awesome
Your yoke easy and light

Thank You dear Lord
For keeping me alive
I work and wait for you
When on that glorious day, You'll arrive

Then we'll all be together
How beautiful it will be
All the rest of my birthdays
I will celebrate with thee

Jun 10, 2008

busy busy

oh i've been we are 9months now and we've been keeping mommy on her toes all day.....she will be getting back to blogging soon and with a new blog u all (Sammy and Shiyu)

Mar 20, 2008

Betrayer, Loved!!!

14Then one of the Twelve—the one called Judas Iscariot—went to the chief priests 15and asked, "What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?" So they counted out for him thirty silver coins. 16From then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand him over." Matthew 26

Judas, a disciple of Jesus, one who followed Jesus, was a participant in His ministry, such a man betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of silver. It is so disheartening as I read this account today. How can one sell such a wonderful friend like Jesus???

I analysed my life today and I find a lot of traces of Judas in me too. For a few moments of pleasure, for a few pieces of money, for a few fleshly enjoyment, many a times I have sold my friend Jesus. I have sold my precious time with my Friend Jesus for a few extra episodes of some wasteful program or to do something I could have done without. Precious "NOW" time, the moment when eternity meets reality...the "NOW" time. What if I had spent a little more time in prayer or reading His Word, I would have drawn more closer to the One Who loved me sooo, that He died for me.

It is so easy to love someone who loves you, but can we love someone who is unloveable, one who has betrayed you? One whom you trusted, called a friend, spent night and day with them, shared your ministry with them and then were rejected by them? Jesus' ministry, His mission was and still is His most valuable thing, He shared His power and everything with His disciples only to find- being betrayed by one of them, being denied by one of them, being disregarded as unimportant when He asked them to stand with Him in prayer and they slept. How could He yet love so much that He gave up His life for us?

This is the kind of Friend I have in Jesus. This is my God I serve. This is His level of commitment toward me. Even when I was unborn, He died for me and made my life so beautiful and because of His love I can carry on. Because of His death I have abundant life. Because of His stripes and wounds I live healthy. I know He considered me very precious, even worth being paid for in His blood.

Jesus considers YOU important too, He has died for YOU that you would have a wonderful life, hope and a future. The punishment YOU had to bear He has taken away if only YOU would believe Him and know Him and His love for YOU. I promise YOU, like me in Jesus YOU will find a friend like no other.

Dear Lord Jesus, I don't have words to thank you immensely for being my God and my Saviour. For being there for me even when I betrayed You. For forgiving me every time I sinned and picking me up every time I fell short. For giving me a hope and a future in You. Thank you for loving me like no one else ever has. Help me to be unselfish, driven with Your kind of passion for your people, especially the ones who don't know You, that they may experience Your love through me. Amen

Jan 21, 2008

See Me Work

My little ones are now 4months old. They do need me a lot, right now they are asleep (phew!!!) so I got a little time to chat with you'll.

In the last few weeks I noticed something very interesting, which has changed my spiritual outlook. Every time my babies woke up from their sleep, hungry, they kept their eyes shut and cried their lungs out. Even when I spoke to them they didn't listen. They know its their mom's voice, but they are so busy crying and oh so loud they can't hear anything outside them. What I have started doing is, teaching them to open their eyes and cry, so they can see me and know that I am preparing food for them. I did this a number of times and every time they cried with their eyes closed without listening to my voice, I kept telling them to open their eyes and see what I am doing and then cry. It took them a while but they've learnt that now they don't need to freak out when they're hungry any more. They wake up look around and if they don't see me then they make sounds(not crying sounds). When they see their milk bottles they know their call has been answered. They have learnt to trust me, they now know when mom says she's going to get food, she will get food. Today my little baby woke up from her midday nap and did not find me, she made a little sound, I knew she was hungry and went to her with the milk she was quite happy.

I wondered sometimes I just keep crying to my Father in heaven without even paying attention to what He is saying or doing. My kids learnt to trust me in 4 steps

  1. When they first cried they learnt to open their eyes to see if I had heard them
  2. To stop crying and listen if I was saying something to them
  3. Initially I would show them that I was preparing their feeding bottle, so they could see me work for them
  4. Now they don't see me work in the same room, but they trust that their mom will meet their needs.

Conclusion:Shouldn't it be the same with believers who have spent some time with the Lord, to cry out, then to wait and listen for Him. Then to observe their lives and see the changes that are beginning to take place as our Lord makes everything work together for the good of those who love Him. Then to trust in the Lord our Heavenly Loving Father who is continuously at work on our behalf whether we can see Him or not. For a time we may not see Him but He is at work and will be back to meet us with His answers for us, for we are constantly on His mind, just as I now have my kids on the back of my mind every second of my day, no matter what I am doing.

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