Jul 20, 2007

Feed your spirit not your vision

From the time I saw my babies at the doctor's office, it was a beautiful vision of a future reality. A wonderful reality not at the moment but that which is to come. While I went by my daily living, the vision I had seen has continued to grow inside of me. This thought revved up my heart yesterday as I was praying.

God gives us a vision of the future that He has planned for us...and then what. Some of us just dive into the vision then and there, groping for something which has not yet been realised. Hoping to drag that vision into the 'right now' time...when it is actually meant for a much later time. Everyone whom God called in the Bible was given a vision or a dream of what would be in their future and what they were to receive or do. Noah, the crazy guy who built a boat on the land. Abram the mad fellow who had his name changed to Abraham(father of many nations) when his wife was barren and they were well advanced in age to have a baby. Joseph, the guy who was thrown into adversity the moment he got his dream from the Lord.

This pregnancy is showing/teaching me spiritual stuff I would have easily overlooked. When I came to know I was going to have my babies, they were still inside of me and it surely didn't mean they were going to be in my arms the next day either. It will be quite a long wait from then on- 40weeks. In the meanwhile as I wait for the big day, a lot of things about me changed. I started on some vitamins, I improved my food habits, I reduced on junk food, I started doing everything to make myself healthy. So I began working on my physical and mental health. Eating well and being joyful. Seeing and absorbing good things. I started working on things that would benefit my well being, I didn't start working on the babies, I didn't personally give them food, I am working on myself, while the miracles continue to grow on the inside of me. When the time comes I will see the miracle before my eyes

So it is with our Living God. When God gives us a vision, there is a time through which God will take us in order that we may grow and be made ready for the vision to be made real in the future. Notice it is not us who bring the vision into reality, like it is not me making the babies in my womb, it is God. Our duty is to prepare ourselves for the day in which the vision will be made real.

When God gives us a vision or a dream, he doesn't mean for us to make good that vision that is His work . God wants us to get ready and be prepared for the vision. God shows us the vision in order that we may be motivated and have faith that what God has promised He is able to perform (Hebrews 11), like for Abraham, God showed him the stars of the sky, the countless grains of sand and even changed his name in order that Abraham start changing his thinking about his own life and be ready when the promise, the vision, his own offspring from his own wife, be born.

Has God given you a vision? Then start working on yourself, building up yourself with the best spiritual food you can have and grow stronger that you be fully ready and prepared when the vision comes into being.

Jul 11, 2007


Well, this is amazing to me and encouraged me, hope it encourages you too. The speciality and singnificance of the number 40.

I realised whoa how important is this number 40 its everywhere and means the same every time, especially when applied to human beings when I came to know. Exactly as the Bible says, every time 40 is mentioned.

  • The great flood during Noah's time Genesis 7:12 - There was going to be a time of testing for Noah and his family, they were to be shut into that boat for 40days and nights.
  • Moses remained in the mountain for the Ten Commandments -Exodus 34:28- Again a time of being separated from the world, up in the mountain without food or drink a time of separation
  • Israelites in the desert-Deuteronomy 8:2- Time of separation from the common amenities, testing, building up of faith on their Living God
  • Jesus in the desert before His ministry began-Matthew 4:2-Again a time of testing, preparation, separation from the world and connection with God the Father

We now see a sort of pattern come up out of the Bible. 40, appears out of the above examples as a number of testing, separation and preparation, usually before a great endeavour begins or is delivered into the world.

The most beautiful thing about those 40days or years of testing, trials, preparation and separation is this....they all point towards redemption, renewal, spiritual growth and a strengthened connection with our Living God.Though the person going through the period of 40days or years seems like a common person, a regular Joe, when they are presented to the world at the end of successfully completing their gestation, they demonstrate the real , almost tangible power of God.

For Noah the beginning of a new life for the whole world and a promise from Living God. For Moses he comes down with a radiant face, so he had to cover it, for he had spoken with God(Exodus 34:27-29) . For Israelites a group of people of whom all nations were scared because of their Living God who brought them out of Egypt and through the wilderness with no bruises, no lack, and no worn out sandals or clothesDeuteronomy 29:5. For our Lord Jesus, a minisry with such impact that it still resounds 2000yrs and more since He walked this earth.

Jul 2, 2007

Live, Move and Have our being...

"28'For in him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring.' " Acts 17:28

I couldn't have understood the full meaning of this scripture, but now through being pregnant I got this new revelation in my mind.

A few months ago, nobody would have known I was pregnant, I didn't look pregnant. I didn't feel pregnant, but during the recent days when my babies move, I can feel them. It is an amazing feeling. Knowing that knowing that knowing that there is a part of you, a living being inside of you. It is amazing and beautiful and I cannot describe it in words.
In such a time I remembered this verse from Acts 17:28. In our Lord we live and move and have our being.
My babies are living inside of me, they are moving inside of me and they have their being inside of me.
The living and moving part of it are easily comprehensible, but the most interesting part of the verse is in knowing have our being.

What does it mean to "have our being in Him(Jesus our Lord)"?
Here's how I understand it now. For my babies there is no other place to grow healthy and safe and beautifully than inside of me. No incubator and nothing man-made could ever give that kind of special fortress for them. In Ecclesiastes 11:5 the Bible says "As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things." The process is so wonderful, imagine a whole complex system like the brain, the lungs, the heart and all being wonderfully created inside of me. A whole human being, being made inside of another human being. Wow!!
Yet for my babies to be absolutely healthy and face the world they've got to be inside of me and remain in me for the entire time they're being fearfully and wonderfully made.

So also for us children of God, offspring of God, there is no safer and better place to grow beautifully than inside our God. That is the place we will have our being. Thats the place we can be made complete. Thats the place we can grow in strength to face anything that comes against us in our spiritual life.

Let us remain in our Lord Jesus, for every nourishment we can get, that we may truly live and move and have our being in Him.

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