Jan 13, 2009

Personal Time

The one and only thing that I used to feel sad about having twins was, not being able to give them individual attention. Well, my kids have found a way out for me for that. Sometimes one will go to sleep a little later or the other will wake up a little early so I will have time with each one of them alone. Then when they're awake they, love to play with each other and me together.

My together time with both of them is fun, but my personal time with each one of them is even more fun. They each play different fun things with me, laugh differently and I like both their ways of having fun. They fill me with joy.

Sammy is the adventurer. She loves, exploring and reach for things out of reach, behind closed doors or drawers. She doesn't find much fun in playing with them though. Once retrieved she goes onto the next adventure to find another something, difficult to get. She loves hugs and tickles and action.

Chiyu on the other hand is resourceful. She is not interested in going and getting something. If there's a boundary set for something she prefers not to try anything outside it. She will not try climbing the sofa even (as she thinks she cannot do it).She is very resourceful, finding new ways to play with things that are already available to her. She loves tickles and lots of talking. Occasionally she will take what Sammy has found but doesn't want, to make a fun game for herself and then Sammy sees the game and wants it back.

The one thing that stood out to me was though they are so different and have fun different ways, I like the time they spend with me alone. Its without the hassles, the crying, the hunger, just plain hanging out together, tickling toes, lots of hugging. Lying on my lap(though they don't fit ). Babblings. I wondered is that why God loves to have a Personal Time with each and every one of His children, because we each bring Him joy and gladness of a different kind, the kind that only we can bring coz of our personalities. How we interact with Him, not crying for food or other needs, just plain hanging out and talking and having a good time.

Give God a good time with you. Go to Him, not for a need but just for hanging out with Him. Just the two of you and you yourself will like it too, as much as God loves to hang out with you, because He loves you. You'll see.

Jan 5, 2009

In the Light and in the Dark

My girls are like my tails. They want to be where I am, what room, what place, what task, they want to be there with me. The only time they hide out of sight is when they're doing something I have already told them not to do.

Recently, in order to prevent them from playing in a room (filled with not so kid-friendly furniture), I would switch off the light and start to leave, my babes would follow right after me, seeing me leave. Sometimes if I need something from the room, I will return to the room and try getting whatever it is, without switching on the light. I thought they wouldn't follow me in, since the room is dark. Na-aan. They did come in, they knew I was there, they didnt care if they'd fall over something or that they didn't know the room as well as I did. Just that I was there in the dark room with them, was enough for them to follow me in and explore.

This got me to thinking of my own spiritual walk. There have been times in my life when I have been so glad to walk with Him, coz I just knew what would happen and I could so clearly see the way it was going to take. But there were times when I didn't understand why He'd usher me onto paths unknown, where I couldn't see a thing in the distance. I could not possibly understand what good it would do to humanity nor me. I was afraid to walk in the dark with the Lord, afraid of the valley of the shadow of death, even though He was with me. Afraid, just because I didn't know the valley so well. My little darlings have taught me to trust in my Saviour with and without pre-knowledge of the task set before me, knowing just that "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow as dark as death, I must fear no evil, for He is with me".

I seek your prayers, as I endeavour

  1. to wake up early in the morning(my biggest weakness, sleeping till late coz of getting up so many times in the night and not being able to get back to sleep, coz my feet would be cold after all the night time care for my babes)
  2. to love everyone whether they are like me or not
  3. to walk with my Lord Jesus, even if I don't know the dark valleys we walk through

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your constant nudges to get me to walk closer with You Lord. I need You every single moment of my life. Help me to do the tasks that You have planned for me to do since the beginning of time, even before I was born. Help me that I may be made ready for Your coming and that I may not come alone to meet You, but with ALLLLLL my family and my in-laws who don't know You, but will know as I walk in obedience with You. Help me to persevere in faith for in the end I will see Your victory.

In Jesus Name I pray.


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