Nov 25, 2008

Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me

Everything I needed You have provided

Through untrodden paths, you have carefully guided.

Thank You Lord for Your blessings on me.

Nov 6, 2008


Change- A small word, but holds big meaning.

I am afraid of change when it comes when I'm not ready and more than glad when it comes when I am aching for it.

Change brings with it, something you are not familiar with or everything you are not familiar with. Now the latter could be very scary. Unknown situations make us that way- scared of the unknown outcomes.

You know what, we may not know all that a change brings, but we know One who never changes and thank God for that. He Never Changes, this makes life comfortable and easy, knowing no matter what else changes on the outside, there is my God above it all, Who knows the end from the beginning.

Lets accept the changes, for we know who allows it for His good and perfect purpose.

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