Sep 24, 2008

It was Happy Birthday time!!!

Busy busy all I can say about me. Just busy being a mom, I didn't know it would take up so much of my time(phew).

Guess what my lil itty bitty twins are not itty bitty any more..they turned 1 year old on 12th Sep...and then Ive been running around them ever since.

Here's how we look now....

Sep 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

THE most awesomest person ever in my life is my dad who celebrated his 62nd birthday today.

He's sooooooooooooo funny, so witty, so wonderful, so loving, so caring, so strong(my daddy strongest), so energetic, so lively, awesome awesome awesome. I have not met another person like him. If he knows your language he'll make you laugh....I get a lot of good traits from him...(I love making people laugh too-not as good as he's though...he's my daddy-o after all).
The most wonderful and most most precious thing I've see in my dad is his faith and passion for the lost. He feels queasy if he's not doing something for the Lord. ANything, cooking, singing, reading, visiting sick people, praying....playing anything.
When my mom and dad were in US at the time my little ones came, oh my I was sooooooooo blessed. I sometimes wish if I were a son I would never leave home, like daughters have to when they get married, but that I would stay near him forever.
"I love you daddy, you're the bestest dad in the whole world, one could ever have. May you live long and be a blessing to many more."

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