Jul 15, 2008


You know why I haven't been posting? Well, my in-laws are in town, so we are taking them places around Minnesota. The last 3 months we've made plenty trips for a year I guess. To wisconsin dells, to South Dakota Mt Rushmore and now we're off to see the mighty Niagara...

We'll be back by sunday, but then we might go some place. I'll be back to posting after my in-laws have left USA by the end of this month...then you won't be able to escape from a shower of posts from me....hehehe :)

Love u all
Do keep us in your prayers everyday especially for the salvation of my in-laws..

Jul 11, 2008

Exchange Policy

I don't know how He does it, how He knows..He is awesome...my Lord.

Well, I have now thought/pondered/decided to give up blogging/writing umpteen times, yet everytime I think this will be the last post and then I shall delete all and carry on with whatever else I am doing in life....He does not let me keep the pen down. Recently one of my friends shared a post from my blog with our friends, well that encouraged me to not stop writing, somebody somewhere is getting blessed. So here I go again. I share with you some of His precious words that keep egging me on.

Psalm 113
"7 He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;"

We all go through trial every now and then in some format or the other, some with finances, some with sickness, some with difficult people, some spiritually, some with addictions. I am in one too. Last week I shared my testimony with my mom-in-law, I don't know how she took it, but I saw tears in her eyes.[we both(she and me) pretend to be stoic about lots of stuff especially our faith, but we are such emotional people]I wondered can God still use a person like me, so dirty, so filthy???

When you read the above verse from Psalms, you will see that the poor or the needy is taken out from the ash heap, meaning, that person was in the midst of fire and was not burned up. After the fire there remains ashes and the fact that God takes them out of those ashes is so that the person does not remain with the burnt remains anymore, that they should not be seen with those ashes any more.

You know I have a lot of faults, uncountable, and while I am in this fire, all the unwanted in me is getting burnt, reducing to ashes. Another property of this kind of purification is that, the impurity leaves the element being purified in fire, and turns into such a substance that cannot re-stick itself to the element, as long as the element is taken out of the remains. Thats what God does with His people, He purifies them in such a manner that when we are through the fire, the ashes are left behind and we are taken out unscathed ourselves, but the impurities in us reduce to ashes. Then guess what we are not left with missing impurities but God adds to us His purities and gives us beauty for ashes for as much ash that has come off of us.

Lets take up this exchange policy with this unwaivering faith, for we know who our craftsman is and He makes no mistakes and nothing happening in our life is a surprise to Him. My Lord Jesus.

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