Mar 12, 2009

The Silent Shade

Psalms 1:3 "He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."

I was reminded of this verse as I studied and waited on the Lord and I was amazed at the wonderful encouragement and lesson God has shown me through this verse.

When you read this verse you will find there is a season for the tree to give fruit and it will show ONLY when it is the season. Therefore, there is also a season where the tree is just being there, standing by the streams of water, just standing, looking like its doing nothing, no fruits or anything. Just waiting there. What happens when its this no-fruit season? Its the time the tree just keeps standing by the water and being fed and keeps growing.

But you know what, that tree is not just being there, it is BEING there as a shade for someone who's tired, hot, weary, exhausted. The shade is available when there is the sun. The tree provides the shade for those who come near it, does not prick with thorn or thistle to send them away saying "Come back when I have fruits". Even though it has no fruit to show for itself, it just provides the shade, the only thing the tree has for now. At this time of the season, Psalm 1:3 says its leaf is green, it is happy. No fruit has shown up yet, but the tree is not frowning, being sad, or having any withered leaves. It is happy, green, flourishing and diligently continuing to do its work AND prospering in everything it is doing.

When you feel like there is nothing in your life to put on display, nothing in your life to prove that dream that the Lord has designed you for and shown you, nothing in your life to show that you're on your way to fulfil God's dream for you(which hasn't manifest yet), remember this no-fruit season of the tree. Hang on there faithful one, keep standing by the streams of living water, keep being fed. Whether you know it or not, someone might be in your shade because they find rest there. Don't send them away, because You think You have nothing to give. Believe you me, if you are still standing by the streams of Living Water, you will always have something to give. So be green, be insect free on your leaves, don't wither but provide the best shade silently, for when your fruit comes, when your dream becomes evident, everyone will come, eat and be even more blessed through you.

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