Aug 6, 2008

The Way Bridge

Well, I had this piece ready but they(Faithwriters) got 200 entries before I could put this up on their website. So here's a little piece of my writing for you

“Are you sure you’re ready?, ” asked Billy my chief. He had mentored me for this mission and today I was ready to go on my own.
“I’m sure,” I said confidently as I picked up the knapsack assigned to me.
“Do you remember the mission codes?”
“Yes, Sir. I should not turn to the right nor to the left. I should not pay attention to the enemy‘s distractions. I should never take off my armor and if in doubt I shouldn’t hesitate to call on the Lord of the bridge.” I chanted.
“Well then, may the Lord guide you and keep you.”
Here I stood, staring at this long narrow wooden bridge spanning the deepest canyon known to mankind. The only way to the other side, “The Way Bridge”. My only sorrow was for my family I was leaving behind. I had urged them several times to join the army and come with me, but they weren’t convinced. They didn’t want to be convinced. The pleasures of civilian life were much too fascinating for them, no matter how reckless and frivolous it was.
I wondered why they’d put a door to enter the bridge, as I stepped in. On the other side of it was transformation; of mind, soul and body. Wow, my new armor. I saw many others walking on the bridge towards the light at the end. Each one walked at a different pace, some singing, some quietly, some chanting prayers.
“Hey, christian!” someone called .
I looked about me to find a white bearded old man beckon me. Me, I gestured.
“Yes you.”
“Sir, I’m not Christian, my name is Andrew.” I corrected him as I walked toward him.
“Of course you’re Andrew and you are a christian. Now that you’ve decided to follow Jesus.” He gestured to continue walking the bridge, as he walked with me.
“You’re a newborn christian. There are different types of Christians - the newborn, the young, the old, the martyr and not to mention the backsliding and the fallen too”, he said.
“You mean there are people who’ve fallen out of the bridge! ”,I gulped.
“There have been many cases, especially when they get carried away by the enemy’s distractions and they’re no longer looking where they’re going. You see, the bridge is very narrow and you’ve got to watch your step”
I then scanned the bridge carefully, an old but strong wooden structure, held together with nails, some of which had blood stains. It must be from the workers who built it, I concluded to myself.
“Nope, just one Worker.”
“Whoa!, you can read my thoughts?”, I was terrified and moved a few paces back.
“Oh, don’t be afraid. I am here to help you, till you get to the other side. Didn’t somebody brief you about me?”
“Well, I do remember Billy mentioning a Comforter, Counselor, Teacher, a Guide who would help me in this mission but you did scare me with that mind-reading of yours”
“Yes, that’s me, H. S Power.” he laughed as he extended his hand in greeting and I took it. Bam!! Electricity like excitement went through my body and I felt empowered. The rest of the way we walked together and I learnt a lot of lessons on prayer, worship, understanding my Bible and more.
A few years passed by and I grew quite accustomed to Mr. Power and didn’t quite appreciate him being around all the time. Then it happened- I heard sounds; sounds of merriment, music and fun. Oh, I hadn’t had fun for a long time. I looked over the bridge and before I could guess who threw the party, I was overboard whizzing through the air. I heard growling and ravenous laughter while burning arms tried to snatch me from the fall.
“Help me Jesus!!!” my voice echoed through the endless canyon and “plop” I landed on soft ground.
Soon I was being taken back through the air, upward, as my heart lifted prayers of apology and found myself back on the bridge. Mr. Power was waiting for me. I felt so ashamed for my rudeness in spite of his gentleness.
He took my hand . I was renewed. Hereon I was not going to leave Mr. Power’s side and we walked on. As I looked up, I caught a glimpse of the “everlasting arms” that saved me from the fall. My heart worshipped gratefully as I continued my journey on The Way Bridge.

Aug 4, 2008

More Or Less

“Oh I’m just brilliant”, so I thought
My spiritual state I counted naught
Everyone loved my company
I had less of You and more of me

My mouth spoke nonsense people loved
My soul accepted anything the world shoved
Everyone loved my stupidity
I had less of You and more of me

My hands committed sins abhorred
My feet went places satan adored
Satan loved my sincerity
I had less of You and more of me

My eyes showed haughty countenance
I walked with sheer arrogance
I am the best, who else could be
I had less of You and more of me

There came a God-Man into my night
He touched my heart and showed me the light
Quite instantly my eyes could see
I needed more of Him and less of me

My mouth slowly harnessed its stream
My soul shut doors to things unclean
Everyone loved my serenity
I had more of You and less of me

Slowly my passions turned heavenward
Every time I obeyed His precious Word
My heart grew warm with that Holy being
I know it was You and not of me

Oh I pray this experience never ends
Help me Oh Lord to keep Your trend
I want to shine bright for Your glory
Till there’s more of You and none of me

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Aug 1, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider made my day

We recently bought a nursery rhymes DVD for our twins. They love the DVD a lot. My little ones love the song and cartoons in the rhyme "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and they get soooo excited, they jump on their knees, they smile BIIIIG at the spider(who winks back at them) and then say "oooo ooooo" excitedly when they see the sun make an "oooo" face and drying up all the rain so that Itsy Bitsy Spider can climb the spout again. Its so fun to watch their expressions when the song plays.

I wondered why they love it, then I thought maybe God's sending me a clue. The rain may come in like a downpour through the spout and wash the spider out, but the sun comes out and dries up all the rain. No matter how heavy the downpour of negative situations you are facing, the Son will shine and dry up all the rain, so that Itsy Bitsy you and me can climb back up again..yeay!!!

God Bless y'all

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