Sep 7, 2013

Long Haul and Stretching Exercises

The last few months have been times of amazing fellowship with my Living God and this week I am feeling dry as a bone. No wind, no warmth, no goosebumps but then are those the only ways God will make His Presence known to me? Did you ever feel this way?

Well, so today in the midst of one of these dull days, I asked God (almost engulfed in hopelessness of a seemingly unchanging powerless  physical surrounding) like so...

  "God would you please change my situation, you know I worry and I need stuff for surviving on this planet. You know I need  would like to know because I know I have read in Your letter to me that You do have plans for me, plans to prosper me and plans to give me a hope and a future. Also I have read that You have created me for such a time as this and I am being fashioned by Your hands to become a powerful weapon where You have desired to launch me. Therefore, knowing all this wonderful outline of what You have for me and being that it clearly involves me, it would be great if I could somehow know when and where abouts are these wonderful things going to happen? It would be really nice of You to let me know immediately what I must do and how everything is going to work out.    -Yours very patiently - KB"
 So then after a while I am intensely multitasking - doing the dishes, screaming at my kids "eat fast!" contemplating my next move for this terrific talented life of mine, making a list of things/stuff to google to market myself and possibly stumble upon a brilliant idea which will take over the world by storm and I am almost an overnight sensation etc.

Then I hear/feel a still small voice in my head say "Don't settle for Ishmael because Isaac is coming!".

"Yes Lord, that was a great sermon I heard on the internet about the glory days  ahead for Your church, Your bride whom You are restoring to her complete and radiant beauty. You are always awesome in all Your works Lord!" I respond in my heart.

"Well I do not mean to do that only for the Body of Christ, My Church, but every single individual that comprises My Bride, each one of you and it implies to you too!" He pressed on.

"Your thoughts toward me are beautiful Lord! I am so honored that You remembered me!" I respond in humility, which now comes gently into my heart, after my vehement display of tantrums within my soul subside.

"But I have never forgotten you, you have been on my mind since the inception of this earth, hope you will one day realize that my child." He reminded me.

That was that.

I carried on with my work pondering over the little heart-to-heart I had with my Father in Heaven.I remembered, for Abram it was a very very very intense and long haul until he got to see his promise come to pass. It was so very long and the odds of him ever becoming Abraham as God had promised him seemed so far fetched, that he probably decided he should do something about it himself. So he prepared for himself his Ishmael, to get to where God would have him be. It was almost the same thing right!

Or look at Joseph, God gave him an amazing dream, he was overjoyed to the point that he thought he was living his dream already, but he had to get into the long haul to get to see his dream come true also.

Then I thought to myself, well these guys in the Bible were all in it not just for being blessed by God but also being transformed in their inner beings to be able not only to receive but also be enabled to manage, this great and humongous blessing God had in store for them. This meant that their hearts, their soul, their spirit, their character all had to be stretched and molded to be able to handle this immense treasure of a life from God!

So take courage my heart and my friends, what you think is a slow process and ever such a drag on your life is actually a good thing. Would you imagine if we were expecting a baby and the baby comes out the very next day of conception? Oh the baby would not survive and neither would the mother! So the stretching is a good and gradual thing. I am so very grateful for that, because it means when I am stretched to be able to handle God's blessing coming my way, I will also be able to retain my blessing and it will not be short lived like the ones the world has to offer! Or the ones that I make by myself. Also when the people of God came out on the other side of this stretching exercise they were much fitter for the job and the blessing that covered them actually stretched way out beyond their lives  - for Abraham it stretched over ALL generations to come on this entire planet and for Joseph it stretched to the generations of Israel and especially his family, in their time of famine and trouble.

Now that is a great life! That which can be of such blessing so it keeps giving for generations to come. I'd like that, wouldn't you?

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