Jan 21, 2008

See Me Work

My little ones are now 4months old. They do need me a lot, right now they are asleep (phew!!!) so I got a little time to chat with you'll.

In the last few weeks I noticed something very interesting, which has changed my spiritual outlook. Every time my babies woke up from their sleep, hungry, they kept their eyes shut and cried their lungs out. Even when I spoke to them they didn't listen. They know its their mom's voice, but they are so busy crying and oh so loud they can't hear anything outside them. What I have started doing is, teaching them to open their eyes and cry, so they can see me and know that I am preparing food for them. I did this a number of times and every time they cried with their eyes closed without listening to my voice, I kept telling them to open their eyes and see what I am doing and then cry. It took them a while but they've learnt that now they don't need to freak out when they're hungry any more. They wake up look around and if they don't see me then they make sounds(not crying sounds). When they see their milk bottles they know their call has been answered. They have learnt to trust me, they now know when mom says she's going to get food, she will get food. Today my little baby woke up from her midday nap and did not find me, she made a little sound, I knew she was hungry and went to her with the milk she was quite happy.

I wondered sometimes I just keep crying to my Father in heaven without even paying attention to what He is saying or doing. My kids learnt to trust me in 4 steps

  1. When they first cried they learnt to open their eyes to see if I had heard them
  2. To stop crying and listen if I was saying something to them
  3. Initially I would show them that I was preparing their feeding bottle, so they could see me work for them
  4. Now they don't see me work in the same room, but they trust that their mom will meet their needs.

Conclusion:Shouldn't it be the same with believers who have spent some time with the Lord, to cry out, then to wait and listen for Him. Then to observe their lives and see the changes that are beginning to take place as our Lord makes everything work together for the good of those who love Him. Then to trust in the Lord our Heavenly Loving Father who is continuously at work on our behalf whether we can see Him or not. For a time we may not see Him but He is at work and will be back to meet us with His answers for us, for we are constantly on His mind, just as I now have my kids on the back of my mind every second of my day, no matter what I am doing.

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