Jun 24, 2008

Another Year of Adventure

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Another year to my life,
another birthday I see,
My dearest loving Lord
for you have sustained me

Many victories I've won,
Many battles I face
In these perilous times,
At this temporary base.

Every time I almost gave up
You encouraged me on
Through Your precious words
I am still going strong

Every time I was lonely,
You comforted me
Your Precious Holy Spirit
Is the best gift I've received

I know there are times
When I walk astray
Even in those times
You never send me away

I thank you dear Lord
For your amazing grace
Because of You Lord
I still run this race

I am oh so grateful
For your abundant mercy
For the sins I've committed
You have pardoned me, eternally

Now I see my future
So wonderful and bright
For Your plans for me are awesome
Your yoke easy and light

Thank You dear Lord
For keeping me alive
I work and wait for you
When on that glorious day, You'll arrive

Then we'll all be together
How beautiful it will be
All the rest of my birthdays
I will celebrate with thee

Jun 10, 2008

busy busy

oh i've been busy...here we are 9months now and we've been keeping mommy on her toes all day.....she will be getting back to blogging soon and with a new blog too....love u all (Sammy and Shiyu)

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