Oct 31, 2008

The Reason Behind Blogging

I started blogging in January 2006 with my first blog "Lessons from Life", where I wrote my studies from the Word of God. Then one day I decided to share something from my own life and started this blog "Victorious Woman".

Today I was going through posts from my first blog in 2006 and I saw how God has worked in my life in the last 2 years, changing me from the inside out to the kind of woman He wants me to be.

I write this post so I will remember/renew my aim to blog. If I wrote a journal or Bible study in a book, I know it would be lost somewhere and no one would be blessed. I had decided to write my journey with God on a media such as this because

  1. I wanted to share and be a blessing.
  2. To get God's Word out
  3. Most importantly, to get back at the devil: for as long as he has, even his tiny finger on my life and people connected to me, I will keep sharing the Word of God and damaging his kingdom.

Dear Lord, I thank You so much for having worked in my life so beautifully. For changing my seasons and making them lovely. Thank you, for being MY GOD and MY SAVIOUR. Thank you for having blessed me with such wonderful wonderful precious surprises every time I thought this is, we've maxed out. You increased my boundaries. You increased me. You empowered me more than before. Thank you Lord for everything You have done an are doing. Thanks for making me part of Your team and letting me share in victory. Amen.

Come Lord Jesus, lets do some damage to our enemy.

Oct 23, 2008

Gone Fishing!

Today as I was surfing through the internet, looking for Christian Web designs, I stumbled upon a website where they had made something called a 'button' for 'Gone Fishing'.

If someone was taking a day off from blogging they could post that button instead of writing a post. However that is not the idea, that came to my mind.

I got to thinking of what our Lord Jesus had said about fishing. "Matthew 4:19"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." I wondered why would the Lord compare winning souls for His kingdom to fishing? When I pondered more on the topic, I found it absolutely revolutionary why God would compare them so.

  1. Patience-Fishing is one sport that requires a lot of patience, unless you have fishes voluntarily coming over to the bait.We've got to let the bait/net in the water and wait, for what may seem like forever.
  2. Not forceful-Once we've let the net down, we don't go pushing the fish around or coaxing it to get into the net. We wait. Sometimes without moving a muscle so the fish casually swims in.Fishes are pretty slippery creatures
  3. Live bait-I don't think its easy to catch a fish with dead bait.We've got to have the best chances to catch them and the only way we can do that is with a live bait. Living Word of God. If the Word of God in our lives is under the thorn and thicket, we'll never get it out. It'll never attract anyone.
  4. Meet the fish where its at-Right, so we've got to go where the fish is. Surely we'd be hard pressed to find live fish on land!!!
  5. Try try again-Peter didn't catch fish on one side and Jesus didn't want him to give up. He asked him to try another side. Sometimes we may not be able to catch fish, we've just got to throw the net/line in again. For some smart fishies you might have to throw the net many a times, till you can haul them all in.

So this is what the Lord put in my heart today. Hope you were blessed.

Go Fish!

Oct 22, 2008


Hello world!!

I have a new look now..and am amazed that this design came to my mind...just like the stories for faithwriters do...

I thank God for blessing me with inspirations, ideas, intellect, innovation and skills to be able to accomplish this and "google" and a sea of talented people putting stuff online for free...I think im going to hang on to this look for a loooong time....

Also, I am grateful to my friend geordee for his incredible talent in making anything perfect to the 't'...where I could have settled for anything.

PS:When I've mastered this skill for designing pretty blogs for the Lord...I will surely put some up for sharing too....(lets see how that'll work out with the current business I am in).

Oct 3, 2008


My babies are learning to speak their first words. Sometimes they just cry and then I've got to figure out what their saying or feeling. Are they sad, hurt, hungry or sleepy? Boy am I desperately waiting for the time when they can come talk to me in words we both can understand. Have meaningful mom-daughter talks....(sigh)...the way I enjoy talking to my mom for hours.

They're learning and its such a great joy to hear them speak "mama", "dadada", "tata","bayee"(for bye)....and then they just cry for most everything else....(phew)..
This got me to thinking...our Father in heaven (who also loves to compare Himself to a mom) has a language too. The language of His Spirit. Oh it would be so glorious the amount of chatting we can do when we speak the same language and one understands the other exactly the way the other thinks/feels. I am waiting for my babies to speak our language so we can communicate and have lots of fun. I cannot understand their babble fully, would love to but I dont speak babble. The way it can work is they learn my language. So I can teach them many new things, play with them even more and enjoy our company. See how they react when they listen to me, understand what Im saying and feel what Im feeling...
Wouldnt that be the glorious day

I believe our Heavenly Daddy (also mom) waits to talk to us...so we can understand Him, His love for us, His plans for us. If only we'd learn to speak the language of His Spirit.

God Bless..

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